Balkan/Dinaric Arc” Component of the inter-regional project Climate Change Action in Developing Countries with Fragile Mountainous Ecosystems from a Sub-regional Perspective

Core objective of this project is to promote a (sub)-regional understanding and foster joint dialogue on mountain ecosystems in the context of climate change and adaptation as well as foster further (sub)-regional and inter-regional exchange of experiences and best-practices.

Mountain ecosystems provide essential goods and services to both high- and lowland communities, supporting livelihoods and national economies. At the same time mountains are very vulnerable to anthropogenic impacts manifesting through the climate change events. As many other sub-regions, climate change has evidently impacted the highly vulnerable ecosystems of the mountains and thus its depending communities within the Balkan countries of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Climate change is expected to increase the frequency and magnitude of extreme events with related damages caused by floods, droughts, forest fires, heat waves and other climate-related hazards. It is also expected to cause reductions in crop yields, decreased water availability and reduced hydropower potential, and to increase the number of people exposed to vector-borne and waterborne diseases.
Adaptation could significantly reduce these effects. Through highly visual and well informative assessments, capitalizing on and compiling the already existing information and data related to climate change and adaptation in mountain regions with a particular focus on the relevant policies and institutions, the project will provide an enhanced understanding of climate change adaptation in mountain regions. This will be complemented by a gap analysis, highlighting the concrete need for action in terms of climate change adaptation in mountain ecosystems and a set of recommendations.

EIA is working together with UNEP, partners and key stakeholders on achieving the goals and objectives of the project, and creating a long-lasting effects that will serve as a basis for further improvements.

Updates and latest information on the project will be published on a regular basis on our web page and social media.