Workshop 'Mediterranean Mountains: Climate Change, Landscape and Biodiversity': Over fifty experts from Mediterranean countries have dealt with the issues of Climate Change, Sustainable Tourism and Biodiversity

EIA's representatives participated in "Mediterranean Mountains: Climate Change, Landscape and Biodiversity” workshop that was held on the 4th of September as part of EXPO 2015. The workshop was organized in cooperation of the Italian Ministry of Environment, UNEP Vienna-Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention, the Bio-Mediterranean Cluster and the European Academy of Bolzano – EURAC Research.
The representatives of institutions, universities and scientific research bodies and civil society representatives from Mediterranean countries gathered in Milan and discussed about sustainable development in the mountain areas of the Mediterranean. The focus of the meeting was on local initiatives for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, sustainable tourism and landscape, innovative methods to manage and value biodiversity and agro -biodiversity in Mediterranean mountain areas. Participants of the meeting highlighted the importance of building networks of policy makers, sharing experiences and development of joint projects for international funding.
The event also included round tables and working sessions on the issue of climate change, landscape and sustainable tourism and biodiversity. In each session several experts from the leading academic institutions from the Mediterranean, research institutes and non-governmental organizations took their part.
This was the first in a series of meetings on the Mediterranean Mountains aimed to strengthen and widen the cooperation between regional stakeholders, encouraging the development of tools for multi-level governance and " Green Economy " in the Mediterranean. For further information please visit www.mountainweek.org.