Discussion on priorities and challenges related to mountain adaptation to climate change in Western Balkan and Dinaric Arc countries

6-8 July 2015, BUDVA - Environmental Innovations Association (EIA) participated in the organization of Regional stakeholders meeting as a part of the project  “Climate change action in developing countries with fragile mountainous ecosystems from a sub-regional perspective” with a particular focus on the Balkans/Dinaric Arc.The meeting was held in Budva from 6 to 8 July with the main aim to receive comments on the Background Paper Outlook on Adaptation Responses to Climate Change in Western Balkans that was prepared facilitated by GRID-Arendal and Environmental Innovation Association (EIA) involving designated experts working on climate change adaptation.The meeting brought together designated governmental experts from the region and international experts who took part in the workshops and interactive discussions in order to review the document and provide inputs and recommendations for its improvement. The Paper will be presented at COP21 UNFCCC in Paris, on 11 December 2015 (International Mountain Day).

“Balkan/Dinaric Arc” is a component of the inter-regional project Climate Change Action in Developing Countries with Fragile Mountainous Ecosystems from a Sub-regional Perspective. Core objective of this project is to promote a (sub)-regional understanding and foster joint dialogue on mountain ecosystems in the context of climate change and adaptation as well as foster further (sub)-regional and inter-regional exchange of experiences and best practices.40% of the world population depends on the mountain resources for water supply, agriculture, hydroelectricity and biodiversity.

EIA will continue to promote the idea of sustainable development in mountain regions through implementation of project activities.